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Zoey Goes to Disney

An adventure about a little girl whose only wish is to leave her home town of Anchorage, Alaska and visit Disneyland.  You'll be surprised who tries to help her and what they had to overcome in this fantasy full of unusual characters.

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The Vacant House

She didn't get on the bus.  Never missed school.  Where was she?

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Margie Franklin strives to inspire her readers to use their imagination and creativity.  She is hopeful that her books motivate the little ones to enjoy reading and discover the wonderful world of fantasy.

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They Only Disappear at   Night​​​​​​​

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Nothing in Common

Charity finally is able to achieve the American Dream of homeownership.  She and her son are excited about moving out of the old apartment building and relocating.  However, their excitement is short-lived when they find that their new neighbor is standoffish.


While contemplating whether to attempt to win his friendship, Charity's son discovers an abandoned baby in the woods.  This takes Charity into a fast-paced adventure as she attempts to locate the culprit who hurt the baby.

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Overview: Margie Franklin's Books for Young Adults

The Sugar on the Go's series demonstrates Margie Franklin's love of creating colorful fantasies for the enjoyment of the little ones.

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They Only Disappear at Night

A man sat in the bar patiently waiting for his next victim to arrive.  The door opened and three women entered.  It was clear this was not their first stop.  They slurred their words as they ordered their drink.